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act of man an extraordinary weather event generated by the impact of human activity on the earth’s biosphere anarboralgia loss of concentration due to lack of exposure to views of trees through windows arborphoria the benficial effect of looking at trees on academic and other performance barge bums barnacles living on the side of a boat bitterchoke damage done to vegetation by the invasive vine Bittersweet cleat mulch goose poop on an athletic playing field dauthus plasticus death by plastic ingestion digital jungle nature is becoming more an engineered object, technology is becoming more complex, more like nature dove slop trash eaten by pigeons fence-burl chunk of tree trunk or branches remaining on a chain link fence after the rest has been cut away fishluv the curiosity and affinity that seals and people have for each other when playing in the surf. the interest the anxiety floral confusion when you mistake a real plant for a fake plant ghost hall the structure left behind inside an abandoned mineshaft gold dust coating of pollen on car high bunk a birds nest on a skyscraper hominal conflagration wild fires caused by matches hoop sag car tires get flat when the weather gets colder hubcap lap the way an animal runs from car traffic, darting human work structure you come across in the woods that could only have been made by a human killit Wild turkey sightings in a city neighborhood at thanksgiving time

Slow Plastic plastic synthesized at home from milk log zap tree falling on a power line Mamalite plastic synthesized from human breast milk mary-ding dent in a car made by hail melt down break genetic mutations in plants & animals from nuclear power plant disaster metrocone stalagmites and stalactites in a subway system nutnick dent in a car made by a falling acorn pan-nature all of nature including humans and human output (needed a different word, "nature" doesn't work any more) petrol mortis corpse of an animal killed by oil spill prismus lacu rainbow sheen of oil on water reanimalia animals living in abandoned vehicles or buildings roadwort ivy on traffic light root-kilter a slab of sidewalk forced out of place by a growing tree root rubbish kill animals dying because of human garbage screenaxed the way trees look on video skreek the sound made when a branch scrapes against the side of a building solastalgia "people's emotional distress when their home landscapes become unrecognizeable through environmental change" sootwhistle asthma caused by smog spectrum of influence the spectrum of no human influence (untouched wilderness) to all human influence (city - concrete jungle) sticky rime frost on a car windshield that's hard to wipe off the entanglement the way in which nature and technology are becoming more and more entangled, the distinction between the two is m the murks feeling of unwellness produced in city residents by high levels of smog the whole anthill the whole earth as a site of human activity timber trap tree growing through a metal chain link fence timbercake property squashed under a fallen tree in extreme weather tindersoak electrical fire caused by a rainstorm shorting the electricity in a building track-flaque rain puddle in a road transatmosphobia worry about climate change unsettling the veil the way an airplane changes the shape of a cloud as it moves through it delexification the act of removing a word from a dictionary