What is Nature?

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What is nature? I've been asking this question of people who have attended word-coinings for the Human Nature Dictionary. Here are some answers to date:

  • Woods, wildness
  • A destination, a vacation spot
  • Something we learn about in museums
  • Something we didn’t make
  • Smells
  • Unpredictable
  • It varies from culture to culture
  • Great sweeping forest
  • Ocean, rocks, trees, mountains (maybe man, but not really)
  • Growing things vs. static things
  • Parks and urban gardens in a city
  • Mediated by language (I was a suburban child)
  • I grew up in the country, nature was all around
  • Not controllable, just is
  • Emotional association of being outside, exposed, buffeted by wind and waves
  • Nature encyclopedia
  • Ant farm in school
  • Open air
  • Being able to breathe and relax
  • Living things
  • Untouched by humans
  • Undeveloped
  • Something that's a combination of things that are elemental, basic
  • As a child: everything that was studiable
  • Trees
  • An integral part of my body and soul
  • Processes like cell division, entropy